Boet Fighter is klapping out on Steam today, bru

Local indie studio Cali4ways Games is launching its debut moer-’em-up at 15:00 – so just in time for Castle Lite o’ clock with the chaarnas, lekker ek sê.

Featuring “creatine, vaalence and house beats”, Boet Fighter is a remix of arcade classics like Double Dragon and Golden Axe, but with 110% more local tit-dribbing kiffness, and supports solo and local co-op for two players so you can jol with your okes.

The game’s price isn’t confirmed for the moment, but you can add Boet Fighter to your Steam wishlist now.

UPDATE: It’s R200, hey, and that’s like a King Steer combo with a Coke and some extra chips, bru. The game’s console launched is expected soon.

Remember… King’s Quest?