Rockstar’s Bully 2 development “fizzled out”, according to studio sources

Once upon a time, Rockstar released a game called Bully (also known as Canis Canem Edit, “Dog Eat Dog”, in some regions), and it went on to become something of a cult classic. It was essentially Grand Theft Auto: High School Edition, but despite it being a genuinely unique game in its time, it never got the sequel it deserved – and now we know why.

Two “well-placed” but otherwise anonymous sources tell Video Game Chronicle that Bully 2 was in development sometime between 2010 and 2013. The sequel had a plot and a few scenes written by Rockstar studio writers like Dan Houser sometime in 2008, and featured the same protagonist from the first game, Jimmy. The game supposedly picked up during the summer holidays and would possibly involve more school-oriented stuff, such as a college setting, but the project was never able to gain the traction it needed.

Rockstar New England’s art team, for the most part, was handling the game, and spent up to eighteen months working on it. There was, at one point, even a short playable build that used Rockstar’s RAGE engine, featuring “basic open-world gameplay”. However, support for the project “fizzled out”, and it was subsequently shoved into the back of a metaphorical locker.

Rockstar has, in the past, been unwilling to confirm that the Bully franchise is dead, and, in usual Rockstar fashion, further declined to comment on this story. Perhaps a Bully sequel will be released one day in the future, but for now we will have to be happy with whatever Rockstar releases in the meantime.

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