Guy busts into Valve’s office, swipes $40,000 worth of stuff, doesn’t find Half-Life 3

Bellevue, Washington resident Shawn Shaputis is expected to appear in court this week on charges of breaking into Valve Corp’s Lincoln Square office and stealing $40,000 worth of video games and equipment last month. Although police haven’t confirmed exactly how he got in, let’s assume he used a crowbar.

According to Polygon, the items included 15 Xbox One games and 23 PlayStation 4 games, “15 to 20” Asus laptops, Nintendo Switch and Steam consoles, some random accessories and promo thingies, and “a metal mini gun looking thing”.

Probably this one.

The loot list did not feature a copy of Half-Life 3, however. Lame.

Shaputis was subsequently captured on a security camera selling the stolen games at a GameStop, because that’s subtle. The 32-year old was also previously charged in 2018 with stealing a FedEx truck and leading the cops on a high speed chase. At the time of Valve’s complaint, he had six existing warrants issued for his arrest, and if he doesn’t show up in court, that makes seven. And what’s one more? Bad decisions are kind of his thing.

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