Sony confirms 2020 launch for the PS5

Sony has come out with a few new details about its next console, and the big news is that the machine will be launching at the end of 2020, just in time for the holiday season. In keeping with the company’s numerical naming convention, the next-gen console will be the PlayStation 5. Simple as that.

A new blog post explains some of the PS5’s new features, such as a new controller with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, but leaves most of the technical stuff to a Wired article that discusses how the new machine will incorporate ray tracing, a speedier solid-state drive, a new user interface, and a few other little improvements there here and there.

However, Sony also wants all its players to know that this doesn’t mean the PS4 is dead in the water, with games like Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, and The Last of Us Part II still on their way. So don’t go scrapping that PS4 just yet, because it still has more than enough life left in it.

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