Over 2000 viewers watched a mass shooting on Twitch

A gunman livestreamed his attack outside a synogogue in Halle, Germany yesterday, the Jewish Yom Kippur holiday, clocking “approximately 2,200” views in the 30 minutes before Twitch scrubbed the link. Two people were killed.

The shooter was arrested by police, and has not yet been publicly identified. According to reports on CBS and The Verge, the perpetrator introduced himself as “Anon” in the Twitch video, claimed that “the root of all these problems is the Jew”, denied that the Holocaust ever happened, and complained about feminism and immigration.

Copies of the video, however, have since been distributed via Twitter, Streamable, and “more than 15,000 accounts on the messaging platform Telegram”, security and internet extremist expert Megan Squire tells the New York Times.

“Telegram exists as a forwarding network – that’s the main way the information flows,” she explains. “It’s a very efficient mechanism for them.”

Twitch is working with the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism to remove those copies, but Telegram’s encryption makes this a difficult, if not entirely impossible, prospect.

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