Nintendo has sold a lot of Switch consoles

Nintendo has wowed the world with its follow-up to the somewhat less enthusiastically-received Wii U. Launched back in March 2017, the Switch has gone on to sell a hell of a lot of units, and the company has just confirmed a new sales milestone.

The console has now sold over 10 million units in Europe, including the original Switch and the new Switch Lite, with global totals exceeding 36 million.

In comparison, Sony’s PS4 has sold over 100 million units since its 2014 launch – averaging about 20 million per year – and although Microsoft hasn’t recently confirmed sales for its Xbox One, industry analysts estimated the number at over 40 million at the end of 2018. This puts the Switch at a close second.

This is an amazing milestone for Nintendo to reach, and it’s great to see that it has recovered from the failure that was its follow-up to the Wii.

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