Fortnite Black Hole

Fortnite has been consumed by a black hole, please stand by for further instructions

There’s some sort of social commentary in there somewhere, but, whatever, Fortnite is currently offline after being sucked into a black hole. Feel free to go outside.

Not ones to shy away from the dramatic, Fortnite has been nuked into oblivion as part of the seasonal change over. Over the weekend, rockets were deployed across the map in an apparent attempt to prevent a meteor from destroying the world, but actually ended up joining the meteor and obliterating the map. The game, and any observing players, were then consumed by a black hole. If you missed the event, you can check out how this all went down, over here.

Given that the game no longer exists, you can’t play Save the World, Creative, or Battle Royale. You can, however, watch the black hole. So, obviously, people are. Apparently the lighting occasionally changes and mysterious numbers sometimes appear. If you want something to do, you can enter the Konami code to play a space-shooter minigame. Fun!

In order to remain on-theme, the Fortnite Twitter account has also deleted all its posts and is only displaying a live stream of the black hole.

How terribly mysterious. You should all be intrigued. Be intrigued, dammit!

Via Game Informer.

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