Gears 5 gets serious about punishing quitters

The Coalition has no time for Gears 5 quitters, and serial offenders now have all the time in the world to think about what they’ve done. Or complain. Either way, they won’t be in your games anymore.

As of last week, a new penalty system has gone live for ranked matches of Gears 5. Players that leave a match before it is over, for any reason, will incur a penalty and these penalties will build up over time. So, if you tend to quit a lot, you will be punished with increasing severity. One serial quitter was recently banned for two years, but they did leave 18 of the 24 Escalation matches they had played in the previous 24 hours. So… yeah.

If you get kicked out of a match due to disconnects, you will be allowed to rejoin and your penalty mark will get worked off as you continue to play. If you can’t get back in, then it seems you will still receive the penalty as they can’t distinguish between disconnects and quitters. They also don’t care about your 500 ping or dodgy matchmaking. Maybe they will in the future, though.

So, leave a Gears 5 ranked match any time between the lobby forming and the match ending and you will be penalised. You have been warned.

Via GameSpot.

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