Fortnite Chapter 2 S 1 Trailer

This leaked Fortnite trailer is way more interesting than staring at that black hole

All your hours spent staring at people staring at a black hole were pretty much for nothing, because a trailer for the new season of Fortnite has been leaked and Epic has okayed this totally-unplanned-marketing-breach, so OMG FINE, JUST GO AHEAD AND GET HYPE THEN.

Amongst other things, it seems Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 will include a level cap bump (at least to 127), a variety of new opportunities to increase your rank, pogo sticks, swimming, fishing, and boats, boats, BOATS.

It’s not clear, at the time of this posting, when Fortnite will be up and running again. The website is currently down and their Twitter feed, while showing more than just a black hole, isn’t saying anything new.

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