Apex Legends Fight or Fright

Get shadow vengeance during Apex Legends Fight or Fright event

Live, die, die again, and again, and again, until your vengeance is sated during the latest Apex Legends event; Fight or Fright.

Currently live in Apex Legends, Fight or Fright is the first event for Season 3, with the main attraction being the Halloween-themed Shadowfall game mode. In Shadowfall, you are dropped into a spookified version of Kings Canyon where death is not the end. When you die in Shadowfall, you come back as a Shadow – a super-fast, super-squishy, shadow-zombie with a one-touch death skill. Melee living Legends as a Shadow and they will also come back as a Shadow; adding to the ever-increasing Shadow League. Shadows get infinite respawns, so everyone gets to play to the very end.

The match ends when there are only 10 Legends left alive. When this happens, their locations become visible to everyone else and they must attempt to make it to an evacuation point before joining the Shadow League themselves. The Shadow League wins if no Legends survive.

As with previous events, there are also a bunch of limited-edition cosmetics for purchase, or to earn via in-game challenges, including Halloween costumes for most of the Legends.

This is a limited-time event, so catch Fight or Fright before it expires on 5 November 2019.

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