The Outer Worlds sci-fi RPG will be co-distributed on PC by Epic and Microsoft

Console versions of The Outer Worlds getting a chonky patch on release

Also, PC players of The Outer Worlds are getting it an hour later than the consoles, but maybe this patch will even everything out?

Obsidian posted some information yesterday about the release of The Outer Worlds and when you can expect to play it, and they even included the SAST timezone, so we should feel special. So, Xbox and PlayStation 4 players will get it at 00:00 while PC players will gain access an hour later, at 01:00, on 25 October 2019.

Before you console-owners start feeling all smug, physical copies of The Outer Worlds for Xbox and PS4 will be getting a day-one patch that’s 38GB for Xbox and 18GB for PS4. This is for “tweaks and optimization fixes”. However, digital purchases will have the patch included in the pre-release download. So, go ahead and feel smug again, I guess. Also, the 4K enhanced version is only coming to the Xbox One X and not the PS4 Pro. Fight amongst yourselves.

The Outer Worlds is a first-person, sci-fi RPG that sees you awaken from glitched cryosleep decades after your expected arrival time at the Halcyon colony, at the edge of the space frontier. A whole bunch of different factions are vying for control, your decisions will actually matter, and it’s basically Fallout in space. Hooray!

Via Destructoid.

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