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The Toys That Made Us is getting a spin-off series about 80s movies

Because nostalgia must be drained of all its essence, like a defenseless Gelfling, the Netflix series about 80s toys (that is actually quite interesting) is getting a spin-off series about movies that supposedly made us.

The Movies That Made Us will follow in the format of The Toys That Made Us, in that it takes a few 80s movies and talks about how they were made and their place in history, providing a few hints of unexpected drama about the whole process. However, the movies they’ve chosen to showcase are less than inspiring, including Die Hard, Ghostbusters, Dirty Dancing, and Home Alone (released in 1990, but close enough).

Yes, they’re all good movies, but that’s the problem; you’ve probably watched at least one of them in the past few years. Nobody needs to be reminded of how great they are. Also, don’t expect any involvement from Bruce Willis or Bill Murray for their respective episodes; they’re tired of discussing their movies, too. That’s just for season one, though, maybe the second season will feature movies that inspire more of an “oh yeah, I remember that, I haven’t seen that in aaaages” vibe.

The Toys That Made Us is worth a watch, because it’s about toys you probably remember from your childhood (if you were born around the 80s), but haven’t necessarily thought about since. Nostalgia power is most effective when you haven’t interacted with the thing you loved as a child since you were one. I think I watched Die Hard for the 20th time last year.

Where’s my Popples documentary?

The Movies That Made Us is set to release sometime before the end of the year.

Via SlashFilm.

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