Blood Basement

Family wakes up to a basement full of blood in actual American horror story

It’s probably time to just burn the house down and walk away. Just… nope.

A family in Iowa, USA, woke up on the 3rd of October to find their basement drowned in about a 12 centimeter high slurry of animal blood, fat, and bone. You’d be forgiven for thinking the place must be cursed, but actually they live next to a meat packing plant and this was all just a horrific accident.

You see, the plant has been doing its bloody business for a decade without any issues, but it recently came under new ownership and they used the floor drain to wash away some of the remnants of a recent slaughter. The floor drain is connected to the family’s basement, for some terrible reason. Apparently, a break or clog in the drainage pipe caused the assorted viscera to back up into their home and it would have kept rising, had they not installed a sump pump. Think about that for a little bit.

The family has had to move out while they figure out how to go about cleaning up such an abomination. I feel like they should just charge neighbourhood kids for the opportunity to witness the birth of a new hell mouth. It’s almost Halloween, after all.

Via Gizmodo.

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