Diablo 1 Title

Diablo 4 confirmed, kind of (but probably almost definitely)

A magazine ad for a new book has accidentally, oops, “leaked” that Diablo 4 a thing, like nobody ever expected it, with a proper announcement now predicted for next month’s BlizzCon event.

According to multiple sources including the actual Gamestar magazine’s website or the photographic evidence below, this month’s issue features an ad for The Art of Diablo, written by Blizzard’s in-house senior writer Robert Brooks, including “500 artworks from Diablo, Diablo II, Diablo III and Diablo IV”. So that’s kind of awkward, if not exactly arbitrary.

The company’s annual fan BlizzCon expo opens 1-3 November, and inevitably, the internet is now speculating that Blizzard will own up to it then – with a Diablo 2 remaster (or remake?) and an Overwatch sequel too.

Obviously, these are unverified claims for the moment, but with the company’s ongoing censorship controversy, this would definitely be a viable distraction.

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