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Bethesda acquires Alpha Dog Games so they can keep making those mobile games you love

Bethesda has acquired Alpha Dog Games in an effort to build on its successes in the mobile gaming market. So, RIP Elder Scrolls 6, I guess?

Alpha Dog Games is a Canadian development studio that has previously worked on action RPG Wraithborne and RTS MonstroCity: Rampage for iOS and Android devices. The games were reasonably popular, but it was the studio’s “commitment to quality and depth of experience in mobile” that got Bethesda interested.

Bethesda’s forays into mobile gaming have, so far, included the super-popular Fallout Shelter, card game Elder Scrolls: Legends, and RPG dungeon-crawler Elder Scrolls: Blades, so this is just part of the mobile gaming strategy they started back in 2015. They really want to keep that microtransaction train running by adding more talent to their mobile games division.

You can’t really blame Bethesda for wanting to focus part of their business on the lucrative mobile gaming market. You can, however, blame them for all the nonsense going on in Fallout 76.

Via GameSpot.

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