StarCraft II DeepMind

DeepMind’s AlphaStar AI requires more worthy opponents if it’s to truly dominate humanity

Will no one challenge the might that is AlphaStar?!

You may recall that DeepMind’s StarCraft II-playing AI AlphaStar was competing against humans and winning, but it’s not just any old humans the AI’s crushing; it’s playing at the Grandmaster level – the best humanity has to offer (at StarCraft II).

According to DeepMind’s research, the AlphaStar AI is capable of taking on StarCraft II Grandmasters in one-on-one matches, using Protoss, Terran, or Zerg, and is better than 99.8% of human players on How did they manage to do this? Oh, they just taught the AI to learn like a pro StarCraft player – easy.

Basically, instead of simply getting the AI to learn how to win, DeepMind made it learn how to exploit its opponents’ weaknesses by trying out a wider range of strategies in order to counter unconventional tactics. So, the machines know how to exploit our weaknesses now? Cool…

All of this research is part of DeepMind’s grand plan to build better AI for our everyday needs, like for self-driving cars and counter-rebellion automechanicals (not a real thing… yet).

Via Engadget.

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