Edge Logo 2019

Microsoft wants to drown your memories of IE with its updated Edge logo

The new, Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser has been given a logo update to make you forget about IE and all the ways it hurt you.

The beta version of the new, and improved, Edge has been available since August and it looks like an official release might be here soon, since a new logo was revealed over the weekend.

The new Edge browser is built from code from Google’s open-source Chromium project, the same code that Chrome is based on. Once out of beta, it will be coming to all supported versions of Windows and macOS – just in case you thought this was a mobile-only situation.

Some people love the new look, others have mentioned that it resembles the recently-updated Firefox logo (y’know, if you gave it ears, and rotated it, and changed the colours…). What do you think of the cleansing tidal wave? Will you give it a chance or has IE scarred you for all eternity?

Via Engadget.

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