Space Cookies

FINALLY – astronauts can bake cookies on the International Space Station

The cookies are for science, though, so the astronauts aren’t allowed to eat them. Stupid science…

A special cargo delivery was recently sent up to the International Space Station, containing, amongst other important things, a special oven and chocolate chip cookie dough. This isn’t just for fun, though, it’s part of an experiment by DoubleTree by Hilton and their Zero G Kitchen.

You can’t normally bake in space, because of the microgravity environment, so this prototype oven uses special trays that keep the cookies from floating around inside and also prevent any crumbs from escaping. Hey, if we’re going to be adventuring to far off planets some time in the future, we’re going to need cookies.

Unfortunately, the astronauts will have to send the space cookies back to Earth, once they’re baked, but they were given ready-to-eat replacement cookies to make up for their scientific sacrifice.

For science!

Via SlashGear.

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