Mass Effect Garrus

Anthem appeals to your nostalgia with Mass Effect-themed cosmetics for N7 Day

Does your cruelty know no bounds, BioWare?

In celebration of N7 Day, on 7 November, this year BioWare has released a set of Mass Effect cosmetics for Anthem. Essentially, preying on our one weakness in order to entice us back in and boost its dwindling player count. There are four new Javelin skins, based on characters from the original Mass Effect trilogy, and they look so good that BioWare’s cunning plot may actually work.

Currently available in the Anthem in-game store, you can get a Turian (team Garrus 4 life) Ranger skin, an Asari Storm skin, a Krogan Colossus skin, and a Quarian Interceptor skin. There’s also a new emote, called the Shepherd Shuffle, that lets you dance with just as much iconic awkwardness as our beloved hero/ine. Lastly, you can purchase a wrap to make the Mass Effect skins look like the armour in Andromeda, but why would you?

All this nostalgia comes at a price, however, with each Mass Effect Javelin skin costing 61,000 Coins or 850 Shards. You can currently get a pack of 500 Shards off the Microsoft store for R67 or a pack of 1,050 for R135. You figure out what combination works out most cost-effective.

The Anthem Mass Effect cosmetics will only be available to purchase until 12 November 2019.

Via GameSpot.

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