Red Dead Redemption 2 Dutch and Arthur

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC launch didn’t go quite as planned, but you should have a little faith

Rockstar has released a patch to fix some of the issues people are having when trying to play their shiny new PC versions of Red Dead Redemption 2. They have a plan, okay!

Seems Red Dead 2 for the PC is causing some people some hassles, including little things like crashing on startup or during the opening cinematic. For those that could get into the game, some are reporting audio problems and frame rate drops.

Rockstar has released a patch that should address any problems related to crashing and the Rockstar Games Launcher, but we’ve yet to see any official response about the FPS and audio issues.

The PC version of Red Dead 2 is a bit of a resource hog and may cause even the beastliest of machines to shudder if you’re trying to set everything to ultra. According to a megathread, compiled by the good people of the Red Dead Online Reddit community, some people have eased their FPS drops by lowering the volumetric graphic settings and water display quality. Some Nvidia users have also found that swapping the graphics API from Vulkan to DirectX12 helps, but this doesn’t work for everyone.

How did your Red Dead Redemption PC launch go? Did you get to play? Was it shiny? How shiny was it?

Via GameSpot.

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