Grand Theft Auto Online Peyote Rabbit

GTA Online players get to be bunnies and now I’m jealous

A recent update to GTA Online lets players run around as all manner of animals and this is something I never knew I needed, until now. Damn you, Rockstar!

As part of a recent update, peyote plants have been added to GTA Online, spawning at various locations around San Andreas. The fun bit? Eating the, famously psychoactive, little cactus will knock you out and randomly respawn you as an animal. From cougars to killer whales, players are getting their frolic on.

You can’t use weapons or throw grenades as an animal, without exploiting certain bugs, so, apparently, people are mostly just running around, living their spirit-animal dreams. That is, unless they manage to respawn as Bigfoot, then they can go on a crytozoological crime spree. In order to become the legendary Bigfoot, you must find the peyote plant at the base of Mount Chiliad and consume it in the wee hours of the morning, when the land be draped in fog.

I need this be added to Red Dead Online, Rockstar. Let me roam the wilderness as a big ol’ wolf and you will have my heart forever.

Via Kotaku.

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