Razer is working on a left-handed version of its Naga gaming mouse

Being a left-handed gamer sucks. I know, because I’m a left-handed gamer, and buying new game accessories is the worst – ergonomic mice? Nuh-uh. Those rad keypad thingies? Sorry. Track balls? That one’s a joke, obviously, because who even uses trackballs.

Although most ambidextrous mice can accommodate those of us who are other-right-handed comfortably enough, a nice ergonomic mouse is tops for gaming. And also almost entirely non-existent in left-handed models. Razer previously launched a left-handed DeathAdder mouse, but it’s since been discontinued. Now, however, the company has announced plans to develop the Naga: Left-Handed Edition, a gaming mouse for the discerning, button-loving left-handed gamer.

But first, Razer wants to know that this is a thing that people even want. I mean, duh, people want it – but validation is sexy like that. To register your interest, click out to Razer’s website, complete the form, and make your vote to end this egregious persecution.

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