The Outer Worlds sci-fi RPG will be co-distributed on PC by Epic and Microsoft

The Outer Worlds Nintendo Switch release isn’t far off

According to a recent investor call, The Outer Worlds should be coming to the Nintendo Switch in a matter of months.

You won’t have to wait much longer to take your Halcyon adventures mobile, Private Division has confirmed that the Nintendo Switch release of The Outer Worlds will happen within their 2020 fiscal year, which ends on 31 March 2020. We always knew it was coming, now we just have a better idea of when.

The Outer Worlds takes place in the Halcyon system, in spaaace, in a future where a number of megacorporations have taken over and are making all sorts of questionable decisions. You are a Stranger, woken from cryosleep aboard the Hope, a lost colonist ship, filled with the best and brightest Earth had to offer. It’s time for you to make a few questionable decisions of your own.

You can see what we thought of The Outer Worlds over here. TLDR: if you like RPGs, Fallout, and spaaace, you will probably like this.

Via Polygon.

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