Narwhal Puppy

Let Narwhal the unicorn puppy brighten your day

Look at this little mutant’s face. LOOK AT IT!

Narwhal Puppy Mac's Mission

The very appropriately named Narwhal is a healthy little pupper currently in the care of Mac’s Mission, a dog rescue group in Missouri, USA, that specialises in care for dogs with special needs. He was taken in after being found with a foot injury, on the streets, in the company of an older dog.

According to x-rays, the spare tail on his forehead isn’t attached to anything (so it won’t be doing any wagging) and, since it doesn’t cause the puppy any distress, or get in the way, there’s no reason to remove it, for now. It has been confirmed that he does have a regular, highly wagable, tail on his back end, too.

Narwhal will be kept at Mac’s Mission until they are certain the extra tail isn’t a problem, then he will probably be adopted out. I imagine they won’t have any issues finding the little fluffercorn a home.


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