Rainbow Six Siege Y4S4

Rainbow Six Siege is updating its bullet penetration system and it’s not funny at all so stop giggling

If you want full penetration, you’re going to have to bring out the big guns.

The Year 4 Season 4 update for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will include an updated limb penetration system in order to simulate more realistic bullet damage. In real life, bullets fired from different weapons have the potential to penetrate the human body, with some being capable of passing through one person and hitting another. So, once the update is live, weapons in Rainbow Six Siege will either be capable of no penetration, simple penetration, or full penetration.

Here’s a handy chart for you to check what level of penetration you will be able to achieve with your weapon of choice:

Rainbow Siege Six Bullet Penetration Chart

Up until now, almost all guns in Rainbow Six Siege have followed the no penetration rules. This update hopes to address perceived inaccuracies with hit registration and give players a better idea of where their shots will land. For a full explanation of the penetration rules, check out their recent Dev Blog.

The new Bullet Penetration system will be added to the Y4S4 Test Server, now with added South Africa, soon.

Via GameSpot.

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