PUBG is getting rid of surprise locked crates

PUBG is getting rid of random locked crates, so, come 18 December, players will no longer be “rewarded” with a crate they have to pay real money to open.

Crates in PUBG can currently be purchased with Battle Points (BP), that you earn by playing the game, or with actual money, that you earn by selling your time to other people. The crates contain all manner of cosmetics and increase in price the more you purchase (in a week), but the rarity of the contents increases as well. All pretty straight forward, except, if you purchase a random crate, there’s a chance it will be locked and locked crates can only be opened using keys purchased with actual money. Yeah…

According to a recent Dev Letter, PUBG has heard the player feedback and will be removing the chance of a crate being locked when a random one is purchased. This means that random crates, purchased with BP, will no longer contain locked crates and, after 18 December, you shouldn’t get locked crates from random purchases at all. The quality of the contents of crates purchased with BP will improve, as well.

You will still be able to purchase and sell locked crates via the Steam Marketplace and you’ll only be able to purchase a key if you have a locked crate in your inventory.

Via PC Gamer.

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