Rust Cowbell

Premium Rust DLC adds just what your survival experience needs – more cowbell

Nothing says badass better than crafting a xylophone from the bones of your enemies – a xylobone, if you will. It’s not my fault, Rust called it that first.

If you fancy wandering the wastes as a rogue tambourinist, Rust’s first premium DLC pack may be for you. The Instrument Pack includes 10 craftable instruments, including drums, trumpets, and, yes, cowbells. Gather your friends for a good old-fashioned jam session between staving off hunger and angry bears.

These aren’t just push-button-play-toot instruments, either.

You can now bind the standard note range (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) to any key. From there you can bind sharp and octave modifier keys which allow you to play over 20 notes on some instruments.

If you happen to have a MIDI device lying around, you can plug that baby in and play certain instruments in real time. Don’t worry, the instruments will have their own volume slider, so nobody will be able to menace you with the Jaws theme unless you want them to.

If you don’t want to buy the pack, you can either get a DLC-owning friend to craft an instrument for you, or just steal whatever they’ve got off their bloated corpse – let the music move you.

The Rust Instrument Pack will be available to purchase from 5 December, but you can test them out for free, right now, on the staging branch of the Rust server. It’s set to cost $10 (about R150) at launch.

Via PC Gamer.

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