Supermassive Cthulhu Black Hole

Astronomers found a giant black hole that “should not even exist in our galaxy”, but it’s fine, guys, it’s fine

One might say it’s a supermassive black hole (which is an actual scientific term that Muse did not invent). One might also have that Twilight baseball scene in their head right now. DON’T PRETEND YOU DON’T!

A research team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences recently discovered a black hole they predict to have a mass 70 times that of the Sun. They found this surprising, because, up until now, it had been assumed that black holes could only reach 20 times the mass of the Sun.

Black holes of such mass should not even exist in our galaxy, according to most of the current models of stellar evolution.

Cool, cool, cool…

Black holes aren’t exactly rare in the Milky Way, though. Astronomers estimate that there are 100 million of them lurking up there, feasting on nearby stars. They can be tricky to find, being made up of a lack of light, and this black hole behemoth (named LB-1) was only discovered because a star, eight times the size of the Sun, appeared to be orbiting a giant, invisible object.

But how did it get so big? Researchers suggest it might be two black holes that have merged together, or that are orbiting each other, but they can’t say for sure.

Don’t worry, climate change will probably get us before the giant, unknowable space void does.


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