BioWare producer tweets “Dragon Age” three times, for no obvious reason

Keeping it, like, casual and random and totally not actually making it a big deal or whatever, Mark Darrah has been posting about the game on Twitter.

No context, just for funs and lols.


Dragon Age 4 isn’t exactly a big secret. Although it’s not been properly revealed besides this teaser from 2018, series publisher EA has confirmed that a new game is expected to launch in 2022 or 2023, and if this not-so-subtle tweet from earlier in the month is to be believed, BioWare is definitely hyping something for 4 December.

Can we start a petition now to preclude the otherwise dreary inevitability of a “Dragon 4ge”, though? THAT’S DRAGON FOURGE, NOT DRAGON AGE. It’s worse than stupid elves.

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