No Man's Sky Synthesis

No Man’s Sky Synthesis update crushes almost 300 bugs

The latest update for ultimate comeback kid No Man’s Sky focuses on quality of life improvements, including additional storage for your fancy pants.

The Synthesis Update has a lot going on, so, if you want all the details about everything that has been added or changed, I encourage you to read the patch notes.

Since this update is all about quality of life, frequently-used interactions and interfaces have been improved to make them more responsive and streamlined. This includes the inventory, which has had a number of UI improvements (such as drag-and-drop functionality) to make it easier to manage all that stuff you’re carting around. The Space Map has also had a visual overhaul and nothing says quality of life like bug fixes, so Hello Games is happy to report that this update includes fixes for 297 issues.

You’ll also be getting all manner of new technology upgrades, triangular base-building parts, increased storage capacity, and a Personal Refiner that lets you refine elements directly from your Exosuit. If you enjoy fancifying your favourite ride, the Starship Outfitting Terminal can now be used to upgrade your ship’s class and add inventory slots. Otherwise, you can salvage unwanted ships for valuable resources.

Most importantly, you can now ride your space donkeys in first-person in VR and all versions of the game have access to first-person Exocraft piloting.

Via Engadget.

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