Fortnite Creative The Fourth Dimension

Someone made a full game, with plot and everything, in Fortnite Creative

A YouTuber has created an actual game using Fortnite’s Creative mode and it’s not just a little mini-game either; The Fourth Dimension will supposedly keep you occupied for hours.

Fortnite has other ways to play besides its obscenely popular battle royale, one of which is Creative mode. Creative mode lets you build in peace without fear of getting shot at. With unlimited resources, the ability to fly, and a set of Creative-specific tools, you can really get things done.

And, once you’ve built it, you can make it a game and share it with the world. Which is what YouTuber Mustard Plays and the people at TeamCre8 have managed to achieve with The Fourth Dimension – the first full game to be created in Fortnite Creative.

The Fourth Dimension takes place in the year 3254. Ice caps have melted, corporations have ruined everything, and I couldn’t handle the voice-over for much longer, but it will supposedly take you between six and 10 hours to get through all the puzzles, platforming, and plot.

If you get stuck, they also made a walkthrough.

Via GameSpot.

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