Starship Troopers - Terran Command

There’s a Starship Troopers RTS on the way – would you like to know more?

Based in the universe of the satirical, sci-fi classic film from 1997, Starship Troopers – Terran Command is an upcoming real-time strategy game, developed by The Aristocrats, that will let you pit your wits against the relentless bug hordes. So, come on, you apes, do you wanna live forever?

Do your part and take command of the Mobile Infantry to ensure victory against the Arachnid threat by building armies and developing strategies to out-maneuver the bugs before becoming overwhelmed.

Features will include dynamically-generated campaigns, dozens of unique unit types, an extensive technology tree for upgrading your forces, persistent unit leaders, and maximum gore.

Starship Troopers – Terran Command is due to launch for PC some time in 2020.

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