You Season 2

Joe is back and judging your vapid existence in this You season 2 teaser

There’s a second season of You, Netflix’s absurdly compelling, fictional foray into the dangers of social media, that made us all go whaaaat, can you actually do that? That’s so creepy! I’m deleting Facebook… tomorrow. That Joe guy, though…

This time, everyday nice guy intellectual Joe has found his way to a new city, with a new name, and seems to be building on his crusade against the basics, emboldened by the events of the previous season.

For the record, if any of you found yourselves weirdly attracted to Joe, at any point in the first season, you may want to talk to someone about that. I mean, I’m not here to kink-shame (it’s really Dexter’s fault anyway), but sjoe…

You returns to Netflix on 26 December 2019 – just in time for a Boxing Day binge session.

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