Red Dead Redemption 2’s Steam launch went off without a hitch! LOL JK no…

A month after Red Dead Redemption 2 launched for the PC on the Rockstar Games Launcher and the Epic Games Store, it has finally arrived on Steam. You’d think it would’ve been smooth sailing, what with all those fixes and updates, but no.

Various Steam users have complained about the game crashing, making it impossible to play. However, this time, the fix appears to be as simple as unplugging your controller before launching the game. If it’s a wireless controller, you just have to be sure it’s off when you start up; no need to remove the dongle. Apparently, there’s something awry with the drivers.

Why would you even want to play PC RDR2 with a controller? Maybe because you like it? But, also, because controllers have the vibration feedback that lets you know you’re close to one of them sweet, sweet collectibles in Red Dead Online. The flashy lights on the metal detector and the tinkley chimes just aren’t quite as helpful. Hell, even with the vibration, I’ve spent an embarrassingly long time walking back and forth over the same patch of swamp before getting the Dig prompt (other players shook their heads at me – the shame was real).

At least that’s the last of the launches to worry about. Now, we can go back to complaining about important things, like my mare spontaneously growing testicles. They’re lovingly-animated and dynamic testicles, but still.


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