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GTFO is out on Steam’s Early Access and its developers want you to think twice about playing it

The good people over at 10 Chambers Collective need you to know that GTFO is really hard, like, proper hard. So hard, that you probably shouldn’t buy it unless you’re really sure you can handle it. Can you handle it? Probably not. Are you going to buy it anyway? Yes.

GTFO is seriously hard, you need dedication and teamwork to survive! This is not a run and gun game, please watch a stream or a YouTube clip so you know what you are getting into.

GTFO’s Steam page is riddled with difficulty warnings, but, cunning marketing techniques aside, apparently it actually is very challenging to get through. This four-player, co-op, horror FPS requires communication and team work if your little band of prisoners is going to make it through their forced exploration of an underground death-complex. This isn’t just about shooting anything that moves, you’ll actually have to have a plan in order to solve puzzles and complete objectives without succumbing to the nightmares lurking around every corner. Also, no checkpoints.

The game is still in development, so there is currently no matchmaking or voice chat. 10 Chambers Collective recommends you use their Discord server to organise teams, if you don’t have any friends (shame).

What are you? Chicken?

GTFO is currently available via Early Access on Steam.

Via Engadget.

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