Watch this ad for a dog-deciphering jacket and tell me we’re not living in the future

It’s a future where small, suicidal dogs drag little girls into the jaws of larger ones, but still.

Tokyo-based company Langualess Inc. was present at CES 2020 to showcase a canine wearable that interprets the dog’s emotional state and displays it on their back as a corresponding colour. Called Inupathy, the device uses the dog’s heart rate to determine the most likely emotion that they might be feeling, including relaxed (green), stressed (purple), interested (grey), and happy (rainbow). An accompanying app displays the mixture of emotions your good boy is going through and makes suggestions about what to do about it.

If you were hoping to get hold of one, Inupathy doesn’t appear to be for sale outside of Japan. However, Langualess intends to start a crowdfunding campaign to extend their reach.

This could be useful in some situations, but I imagine it would be rather traumatising to discover your dog has been faking being happy to see you this whole time. What a bitch.

Via Engadget.

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