The new Sims 4 Tiny Living expansion makes millennial dreams a (virtual) reality

“Downsizing”, the hot property #trend inspired by the dismal prospects and existential anxiety of post-boomer generations, is the subject of the game’s next DLC – transforming our limited cash and excess despair into new, fun-sized opportunities to murder fake people.

With only 100 available tiles on the expansion’s new Tiny Home Residential Lot, you won’t even have to remove doors or toilets to conduct your important scientific experiments because who has space for doors and toilets? Instead, squeeze an entire family into a single room with a fold-up bed, a garden gnome, and an empty fridge, and cancel your weekend plans because you’ve maxed out your third credit card, anyway.

“In addition to friendlier bills, smaller spaces are good for encouraging relationships to bloom,” explains EA in the press stuff. “And you’ll have plenty of leftover yard space for a garden.” Or, you know, a mass grave.

Tiny Living is out on PC on 21 January, and consoles on 4 February.

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