Xbox Series X

Why do you want to know the Xbox Series X specs so bad?

Xbox’s director of hardware David Prien recently asked Twitter why people wanted to know upcoming console specs so far in advance of their release and he actually got some decent replies.

Turns out, the majority of responders just want to be able to plan their spending and knowing the numbers helps them feel certain they’ve made the right choice on an expensive purchase. Although, the likelihood of someone swapping to PlayStation when their entire gaming history has been with Xbox, up to this point, is probably pretty slim, regardless of which console ends up having the “best” specs.

Other people are just excited tech fans who would be just as eager to learn the specs of the latest version of whatever car, cattle prod, or combine harvester they’re into, because that’s their idea of fun. Which is fine.

What’s not fine, is randos getting mad at Prien for not telling them the specs.

I mean, it was either that or his completely understandable reaction of laughing in their entitled faces.

The Xbox Series X is due for release some time around November/December this year.

Via GameSpot.

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