PUBG Season 6 Karakin

PUBG is getting a Karakin new map for season 6

Season 6 of PUBG will feature a new map with an explosive new mechanic. Get it? EXPLOSIVE.

Karakin (almost certainly a play on kraken, judging by the be-tentacled logo) is a mountainous, four kilometer square, desert island map that features a rocket drop mechanic that levels urban areas within the “Black Zone”. To take full advantage of the new potential for building destruction, you’ll also be getting a Panzerfaust RPG, Sticky Bombs, and… boomerangs? Whatever, it’s time to get ‘sploding!

As part of the arrival of Season 6, Vikendi will be rotated out of play, with PUBG’s Community Manager confirming that the map will still be available for custom matches.

Season 6 of PUBG will begin on 22 January for PC players and 30 January for consoles.

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