Xbox Series X

Those leaked Xbox Series X ports are real, plus some other specs

A recent leak of the console’s port config on the internet is, I can now confirm, totally accurate – because I’ve seen actual photos of it.

The Xbox Series X port config has been a subject of some contention over the last week or so, since a 3D render of the console was revealed by AMD during its CES presentation. Awkwardly, however, it turned out that this was a fan-made version, purchased from 3D assets website TurboSquid (oops, lol). Brad Sams on Thurott subsequently claimed a different port config, citing info from “several insiders”. This one is definitely it.

Although I’ve been asked by my source to not upload the photos, I’ve traced one in Photoshop to show the port config – which includes one optical S/PDIF optical port, one HDMI port, two USB-A SuperSpeed ports, one ethernet port, and one power port. The “???” port is not identified on the console, but I’d assume it’s some sort of diagnostic port that won’t be on consumer models. “Xbox Product Name Placeholder” is, hilariously, exactly what the label reads.

The mesh on the top of the console has a green layer or perhaps RGB lighting under it, and is conspicuously curved into the console body. The top five rows of vents on the back are covered, but the the bottom six are open (for air intake, probably), and the console’s hardware is visible through them.

I can also confirm that, for now anyway, the Xbox Series X uses the same OS as current-gen Xbox One consoles, and the model in the photos features a 1 TB HDD. Not unexpectedly, the console gets “super hot at the top”, according to the source, and game load times are much faster – one game tested, for example, loads from dashboard to in-game in 20-25 seconds, compared with about three minutes on the Xbox One. I was not able to confirm system or other technical specs, though.

The Xbox Series X is scheduled to launch this holiday season.

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