Japan will have (another) full-size Gundam by October

So, I guess we should expect an invasion by the Principality of Zeon any day now.

The Gundam in Yokohama, Japan, will actually just be a statue, although, apparently, it also moves a bit. Its unveiling will be part of the Gundam franchise’s 40th anniversary celebrations. Standing 18 meters tall, and weighing 25 tons, the Gundam statue, including its Gundam-Dock, Gundam-Lab, and Gundam-Dock Tower (a viewing platform) will be installed as a tourist attraction for one year at Yamashita Pier in Yokohama-city. Incidentally, that’s the same amount of time it took to fend off the Principality of Zeon…

The date of its unveiling was revealed as part of a briefing presentation by the Gundam Yokohama Factory. If you want to see this totally-not-a-real Gundam suit for yourself, it will be available to view from 1 October 2020 – 3 October 2021.

Gundam Statue

This isn’t the first time Japan has unveiled a full-size “statue” of a Gundam; there’s already a full-size Unicorn Gundam statue in Tokyo. Japan seems to be the only country taking the coming space war seriously.

Via crunchyroll.

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