South Africa’s internet is broken, please standby

Slow connections or websites not loading? Bad server pings? Twitter timeouts? It’s not just you.

Users on multiple local networks, including Openserve, Axxess and Afrihost, have been experiencing problems since last Thursday, when the SAT-3 and WACS cables linking the continent with Europe failed. With most ISPs now diverting traffic through the SEACOM cable instead, the entire system is wobbling on the brink of a 404. And because this wasn’t frustrating enough, inclement weekend weather in Cape Town has delayed the departure of repair teams.

According to the South African National Research and Education Network, a fix is expected by “early” next month – so count on at least two or even three more weeks of this.

Time to jump back into one of those unfinished single-player campaigns in your backlog.

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