SAS Internet McFixership prepares for departure from Cape Town

Openserve has confirmed that its cable repair ship is completing loading procedures this evening, and is expected to start out for the Atlantic this week.

The SAT-3/WASC and WACS internet cables coincidentally bombed out last Thursday, causing connectivity problems for local ISPS linked to those systems. With windy weekend conditions in Cape Town, however, the repair ship has been stuck in the harbour until now.

“A travel plan with detailed departure and arrival times will only be provided once loading is completed,” the company’s PR explains. “Actual restoration timelines can only be provided once the ship arrives at the break site and the crew has had time to assess the extent of the damage.”

In the meantime, Openserve has activated extra capacity on other SEACOM cable networks to minimise users’ frustration. But we can probably count on about two more weeks of bad pings, anyway.

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