SAS Internet McFixership has started on its mission to save our pings

Openserve has now confirmed that the cable repair team has departed Cape Town, and is expected to arrive at its first site by next Tuesday.

The SAS Internet McFixership (real name Leon Thevenin, but I think we should vote on that) left the harbour at about 21:30 last night, according to company PR, with a team including supervisor Didier Mainguy (real name Didier Mainguy, because I can’t even make that up) and Carter Burke (real name not disclosed, but I’m not missing out on the Aliens reference), a rep from the WACS and SAT-3 network consortium.

“Weather conditions permitting”, the ship should reach its destination off the coast of Angola by 28 January but the actual job is probably going to add one more week on top of that.

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