Desktop Goose

Desktop Goose hates you and yearns only for chaos

Ever wanted your computer experience to be more annoying and less efficient? Well, you’re in luck, because someone has brought all the joy of Untitled Goose Game to your desktop and it’s totally, probably, not a virus.

Desktop Goose is all the mischief and japes of that anatidaen asshole from Untitled Goose Game, for your whole computer, thanks to VR developer Sam Chiet. Anyone that has to manage school or university computer labs is going to haaate this guy.

Nowhere is safe, as the little goose waddles its way across all your digital business, work or play, tracking muddy paddle prints everywhere, stealing cursors, and filling your screen with goose memes. Also, all the honking. The sort of thing that would give you a panic attack on any other day that you hadn’t downloaded a devil goose for your desktop on purpose.

Be aware, this little menace is apparently not a virus, but will probably trip your security defences, because it looks an awful lot like a virus. You can find it for download over here.

Make good life choices.


Via PC Gamer.

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