Logitech G815 mechanical gaming keyboard review

GL Tactile, low profile
Full RGB
Logitech South Africa

Logitech has been relatively quiet in the South African market over the last few years but after a meeting with the local team, it would seem there’s new vigour in this peripheral brand and we should see a lot more activity from them this year. This is good news, as Logitech has produced some of the most iconic gaming peripherals over the last two decades. Yes, I’m still rocking my Logitech Z680s proudly.

Over the last two months, I’ve been using two of Logitech’s newest gaming hardware devices – the G815 mechanical keyboard and the G703 wireless gaming mouse. This review will focus on the former.

Right out of the box you’ll notice that this keyboard is impressively thin – in fact, at 22mm this is one of the thinnest mechanical keyboards on the market today. The key switches have a total travel distance of 3mm, and the key caps are about half the size of traditional mechanical keyboard keys. Added to this stealthy design is an aluminium casing that wraps the top part of the keyboard, while the bottom section is plastic. Nonetheless, in terms of design and build quality, the Logitech G815 is rock solid and will last even in the hands of those gamers who carry their gear to LAN parties. Respect.

The G815 keyboard is a mechanical keyboard available with three switch options – GL Tactile, GL Linear, and GL Clicky. I was given the choice of which keyboard I’d like to test, and I went for the model with the GL Tactile switches, which feature a quieter keystroke with good tactile feedback. I’ve never been a fan of noisy, clicky keyboards. If you do prefer those, though, the GL Clicky is the one for you. The GL Linear sits somewhere in the middle with a much smoother keystroke but a discernible keystroke click.

The keyboard also features five customisable keys along the left-hand side of the keyboard with an additional four macro keys along the top right-hand side, plus dedicated game and RGB mode switches. The game mode switch offers a very handy feature by way of disabling keys you don’t want to use or press accidentally while you are in a game.

Looking at the rear of the keyboard, you’ll find a non-removable braided cable with two USB ports at the end. One is for the keyboard while the other is for the USB 2.0 passthrough that can be used to connect a mouse or other USB peripheral.

To make use of the more advanced features of this keyboard, you’ll need to install the Logitech G Hub software, available for Windows or MacOS. Once installed that software will give you an overview of all compatible Logitech hardware connected to your PC, with the option to update firmware (if available). For the G815, there are three things you can configure:

  • First up is the RGB Lightsync setting. This is where you can configure every aspect of the keyboard’s lighting, you can do something as simple as setting your favourite preset, select animations or mimicking the colour range on your screen with the screen sampler effect.
  • Next you can configure the macro keys with commands and actions you can configure yourself or select from a list of commonly used commands. Content creators and streamers will be happy to know that this keyboard can also be used to trigger OBS Studio actions.
  • The last customisable feature is the game mode button. Here you can select which keys to disable when you activate game mode. I configured mine to disable the Windows button on the side of the keyboard, but you can choose any number of keys to disable. Don’t use this handy feature to play a prank on your mates, because it would be a shame if their WASD keys were to become disabled during a game.

It’s worth noting that this keyboard does not have a palm rest. It’s not a big deal on a keyboard with such a low profile but I think it’ll make for a slightly more comfortable typing experience.

The Logitech G815 offers a ton of great features and looks really good thanks to its super thin profile, and for typing and day-to-day use, this keyboard works like a dream. The GL Tactile keys features the accuracy of a mechanical keyboard with the benefits of a quieter keystroke. The keys have a bit of play when your fingers hang on them but the keystrokes feel accurate and responsive. At just over R3,000, this isn't a cheap keyboard, but it’ll probably outlast the graphics card in your PC.
Slim design with low-profile keys
Solid build quality
GL Tactile keys are awesome
Fixed cable
No palm rest
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