SAS Internet McFixership’s mission to save our pings has been delayed (again)

The ongoing repair job at the first site has been subject to “unfavourable” weather conditions, according to Openserve, and the estimation time to finish is now one extra week.

The ship has been working at the WACS cable site since 28 January, but because the ocean is an unpredictable bastard like that, things are getting complicated. Originally expected to complete repairs at this site by 8 February, the team is now apparently two days ahead of schedule – but inclement conditions have necessitated an adjustment in the sequence of events, as Openserve PR explains.

The vessel will travel on to offshore Ghana next, to attend to the repair of a section of the SAT3/WASC repair. It is anticipated that this restoration portion will be completed by 17 February 2020. This is subject to favourable external factors such as the weather conditions at sea. Thereafter, the ship will proceed to the next break location of the SAT3/WASC cable and again, if all goes well, the work is set to be completed around 25 February.

Until the next delay, anyway. Did I jinx it? I probably jinxed it.

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