Spiral Movie

Chris Rock’s Saw not-a-reboot gets a teaser trailer

Samuel L. Jackson does not want to play your motherfuckin’ game.

Spiral isn’t a Saw sequel, prequel, or a true reboot, it’s a new story inspired by the original, now with 100% more Samuel L. Jackson, and it doesn’t look bad, despite all the squinting. This time around, we’ve got Chris Rock as a detective investigating a series of grisly murders involving police officers. They’re not just regular, grisly murders, though, there’s also spooky spirals and elaborate killing mechanisms, because Saw. RIP Chris Rock’s left hand.

Reminds me of those psychological thrillers from the 90s, like Se7en or The Bone Collector. I miss those.

Spiral is set for release on 15 May 2020, a good few months earlier than originally expected.

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