Fortnite launches its Celebration Cup event with $1 million in cash prizes up for the win

Epic Games has announced a new, PS4-exclusive Solo competition, open to “eligible” Fortnite players – which, yebo royale, includes South Africans.

The Fortnite Celebration Cup goes live next weekend, 15-16 February, and spans two phases. On the Saturday, top players in each region can earn special in-game rewards:

  • Top 50% – “Take Cover” Spray
  • Top 25% – “Wild Accent” Pickaxe
  • Top 5% – “Tango” Outfit

And on Sunday, top players in each region have the opportunity to claim a share of the $1 million prize pool – the actual amount per player and what exactly constitutes “top”, however, is different according to region. Although Africa isn’t listed as one of the regions in the rules, local players can determine which region applies for them through the in-game “Compete” tab. Probably Europe. Unless it’s the Middle-East. Or Oceania. I dunno, but South Africa isn’t listed as one of the restricted countries so get in and represent, yo.

For more info, visit the studio’s website.

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