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IMPORTANT NEWS: Netflix now lets you opt out of autoplaying previews

If you’ve ever wished you could just sit and look at what Netflix has to offer, without being harried from title to title by previews for whatever its cunning data tracking algorithms happen to have filled your lists with, then, boy, do I have exciting news for you.

Netflix is finally giving us all control over the “feature” that automatically plays the preview for whatever you happen to be hovering over.

It’s also extremely simply to deactivate. Just sign in to the web browser version of Netflix, select Manage Profiles, select whatever profile you want to change, and uncheck Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices. Done.

Yes, this applies to Netflix in South Africa, too (I checked). It doesn’t take effect immediately after you save your preference, but just switch to another profile and back or quit the app and reopen it to activate this entirely more relaxed browsing experience.

Via SlashFilm.

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